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The Story of a Storyteller

Have you ever dared to believe you deserved more before feeling horrified that you could be so big-headed?

Or thought there must be more to life?

Me too. I’m Tara. The storyteller, writer and teacher behind The Word Professor.

And I’m here to tell you the truth: You do deserve more and there can be more to life and business.

It took me a long time to realise that. But now I’m there, I can help you believe it too.

The journey started with stories.

At 28 years old, I was trapped. My marriage had turned sour, I had no future prospects and two young children to look after.

A plan of escape

And so, I created a plan...a 6 year plan to become a teacher. A career such as teaching would give us the financial stability we needed so that I could leave my marriage, right?

Whilst raising my children and trying to cope with my marriage, I studied for my literature degree with the Open University and worked as a teaching assistant.

Stories gave me more strength and belief in myself that I could ever have imagined.

So much so that 2 years before qualifying as an English teacher, I ended the marriage and entered single working parenthood.

For the first few years, all went well. But eventually, teaching took its toll and for the first time in my life, I experienced mental health problems. For too long I had ignored the signs and anxiety overwhelmed me causing a breakdown.

To the rescue...

Unexpectedly though, stories saved me again.

I discovered a little something called mindset and started to recognise all the storytelling I had been doing since childhood.

  • That I wasn’t good enough.
  • That I didn’t deserve more.
  • That I was just lil ol’ me, average at most.
  • That wanting more was greedy.
  • That I always got it wrong or messed things up.

Not only did I change the stories I was telling myself, but I changed the way I read stories, seeing new possibilities and potential in them.

When I left teaching, I decided to start my own business. I knew I wanted to share my love for our language and the power of words but it was a couple of years before I discovered what I really should be doing and The Word Professor was born.

During those two years, I had found myself getting increasingly frustrated at some of the content and copy I was reading. It lacked personality and personability.

Often, I was their ideal audience and yet, I was left feeling disconnected from their message. All I saw was the same old way of writing a sales page, the same meaningless phrases, and the same filler content that nobody bothered reading.

The more I read and the more I spoke to others, the more I realised that there was a problem. There was too much focus on getting a quick sale and not enough on building genuine, emotional connections with people.

The happy ending...

In a world that is increasingly lived out online, people crave those connections. They want to feel understood, valued and part of a community. They want to get to know the individuals behind the business.

It needed word psychology and storytelling.

I realised that I could be a storyteller, writer and teacher, that I could write copy and content that would share that story and give people what they really want - someone to connect with before buying. My combination of literature, writing, teaching and business knowledge, meant I was also uniquely positioned to help others to write in this way too.

I would be able to help businesses to build relationships with their audience and make more sales.

Stories are powerful in so many ways. They’re how we make sense of the world around us and are one of the most effective ways of making an emotional connection.

They’re also memorable - our brains are wired for them. Which means that when you share your story, you can truly shine and stand out from the crowd. When this happens, you get more from your life and business. You get what you deserve.

With storytelling and honesty at the heart of your copy and content, I can show your customers who you are - someone who is really has something great to offer...

Because you deserve it. You are worth it. You are brilliant at what you do and are ready to take things to the next level.


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