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Choose between a gentle, slow-burner with our masterclasses or go all the way with our done-for-you services. Swoon over the different options below and pick the one that's right for you.


Sales Copy

Word Psychology for Sales

The words that you use can make or break a sale. Sales copy needs an intimate knowledge of your customers. It should take hold of their hand and walk them through the process.

Before they'll buy, they need to be in no doubt that you are the only person that can give them exactly what they need.

Whether you're looking for just a sales page or an entire funnel, my sales copy will use word psychology to capture the attention of your ideal clients and lead them to the sale.

No sleaze, no slime and no sales trickery. Instead, I focus on building the relationship so clients know that you're the right person to help them on their journey.

Master Classes

Word Psychology for You


From the psychology of stories to the structure of a sales page, you too can learn how to write stunning copy and content with these masterclasses. 

Choose the class that suits your needs and discover the answers you've been searching for.

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Retainer Packages

Consistent Word Psychology

Think of any successful brand and they have a loyal group of followers who buy over and over again and shout about the brand to everyone they meet.

The brand has built a community - a place where those fans belong.

It takes time. It takes consistency. It takes skill. But it's the relationship that brings you the longest-lasting happiness and success.

If you want to build a brand with dedicated fans but don't have the time or skill to make this happen, then the monthly retainer package is a marriage made in heaven.

Each month, you get to relax knowing that not only has all your copy and content been taken care of but that it's also building your fan base.

Your ideal clients will feel understood, have a place where they belong and will start telling everyone else about the difference you make.

Content Writing

Word Psychology for Content

Your content is the perfect opportunity to date, flirt and build relationships with your audience so you can guide them along the sales journey. 

Whether you're looking for LinkedIn updates, blog posts, or emails to your list, I'll ensure your content resonates with the people you want to work with.

With a deep understanding of words and your audience, my content will deliver exactly what your ideal clients have been wishing for. 

Web Copy Package

Word Psychology & Stories

Your web copy shouldn't just tell people what you do. It needs to share your story, values and brand.

Stories not only capture people's  attention but they also allow them to relate to you. 

Working with you, I  discover and share your story in your copy so it resonates with your customers and shows them what's special about you.


Word Psychology of Pricing!

You want to know how much this is going to cost. You’ve looked at other websites and pricing seems to be a complete mystery. Let’s be honest, this often makes us suspicious.

Below is a guide to some of my prices. However, what I offer is often bespoke rather than set packages so use these as a guide. Remember, the length of copy or content can vary, you may have additional requirements,or  you may want one particular service but not another.

This is absolutely find - it’s exactly what I'm here for. But it also means that I can’t provide a definite price without properly understanding what your business needs.

However, here is some guidance to help you because I know how irritating it is to find nothing:

Pricing Examples

These are just examples to give you an idea of pricing and do not represent all the packages that we offer. Please get in touch with your specific requirements.

LinkedIn Content



5 update posts per week

Updated headline

Updated profile summary

Initial call to discuss requirements


Blogs & Emails



2 blog posts per month

Keyword optimisation

Weekly email/newsletter to list

Quarterly plan


Sales Funnel



Social media posts / ad copy

Lead magnet

Email sequence

Sales page


Words that connect with your customers

If you want to build a community of fans who repeatedly buy from you, get in touch to find out more about how I can help you do this with my copy and content services.


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