The Adventure of Finding Where You Belong

Between the covers

When I was little I would get lost in the adventures of The Famous Five.

Their lives were a world away from mine but that didn’t matter. To be honest, I didn’t even notice.

Because there was George. A tomboy.

And to that, I could relate.

Suddenly, it didn’t matter if I didn’t fit in. It was okay to be different to the others around me and I didn’t need to conform.

I could be adventurous, brave, clever, part of a group, have fun and still just...

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9 Ways to Generate Blog Post Ideas

blogging business writing Aug 17, 2018

When inspiration flys away

Whenever I ask people what their challenges are with blogging, the same few topics tend to come up. One of the most common is how to generate ideas for their blog posts.

That's a pretty big problem - if you don't know what to write, you can’t even get started.

Having written hundreds of blog posts on a whole variety of topics over the years, I have discovered numerous idea-generating techniques.

Below, you'll find just 9 of these but these 9 will ensure...

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