Tanya's Tale of Temptation

Once upon a time, there was a strong, capable woman with a fire in her belly to help others.

She’d had enough of battling with the corporate world, of being held back and slogged to death.

One day the tipping point came and she walked out the door vowing never to return. Tanya was going to set up her own business. She was finally going to be able to help all those people with her own coaching business.

Tanya started exploring the online coaching world and was tempted by all the bright...

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It's not just me, right?

business entrepreneurship Aug 01, 2018

Today is one of those days.

One of those where you doubt everything you do and everything you want to do.

Nothing terrible happened this morning. There was nothing out the ordinary.

And yet, doubt has crept into every cell of my body.

My brain has collapsed into mush that can't sustain a simple thought. 

I'm unsettled. Restless.

Unable to focus on anything, consistently.

I've even tried the get outside for some fresh air.

And water.

They're normally both a fail-safe for calming the mind...

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