Tanya's Tale of Temptation

Once upon a time, there was a strong, capable woman with a fire in her belly to help others.

She’d had enough of battling with the corporate world, of being held back and slogged to death.

One day the tipping point came and she walked out the door vowing never to return. Tanya was going to set up her own business. She was finally going to be able to help all those people with her own coaching business.

Tanya started exploring the online coaching world and was tempted by all the bright lights, pictures of beaches and laptop lifestyle inspirational quotes.

She started enthusiastically but no matter which course she did, it never really produced the results it promised.

She stopped being so tempted and battled on her own way, reaching out to contacts and building new ones.

It took time; a lot longer than she was expecting.

But eventually, she was bringing in money regularly and making a decent living.

And then temptation came knocking again.

Maybe now was the time to push on to the 6 figures and beyond that would allow her to spend most of the year lying on a beach living in luxury? It was totally possible because everywhere she looked, there were coaches already doing it.

She just needed to replicate their success.

She looked around at the leaders in her industry who were where she wanted to be. She found Sam and her online course. Sam’s course was going to help her get everything automated. She was going to build on the foundations she now had and would soon have her own courses running.

Once set up, Tanya would be free to finally live the dream, relaxing on the beach whilst her phone pinged with notifications as each deposit dropped into her bank.


And yet...

...As Tanya got started on the course she began to realise that the advice was the same as it had been when she started out a couple of years ago. It hadn’t work then and she was beginning to feel like it wouldn’t work now.

Wasn’t the online world a fast-paced, quickly shifting and moving one? Could online marketing methods have really stood so still? Unless you’d been asleep under a rock the last year you’d know that Facebook’s landscape had certainly shifted.

And some of the things just felt...well icky. She saw straight through them when they appeared in front of her. In fact, you could say that she passionately hated them.

She joked about them with many of her online business buddies. You know the sort of thing – the overly enthusiastic “live-not-live” bullshit webinars packed full of fluffy non-value. All of them could feel their BS detectors screaming at them to get out of there before they were subjected to any more trickery.

Surely this kind of shit didn’t actually work anymore? But then why would anyone do them? They must feels slimy, cheesy...but if it works, she’ll just have to get over herself and do it.

If only she could contact Sam and discuss it. That’s what she needed. She needed to talk things through, pick Sam’s brain, get some answers. But of course, she couldn’t as Sam was living it up on a beach somewhere.

Tanya was just a deposit that pinged into her bank account.

She may not have realised it, but Tanya was very close to the truth.

What Sam didn’t tell her was that she had hit a bit of slump. Costs were rising. It was becoming harder and harder to get people engaged.

But it was just a blip so she’d just keep on teaching this stuff. She’ll let her course keep running whilst she lay on a beach sipping cocktails. It wasn’t time to panic yet.

Wasn’t Mercury in retrograde again? Yeah, that’ll be it.

This had got her here quickly. It’ll keep working and if it doesn’t, she’ll jump to the next thing that puts her earnings on supercharge – it doesn’t really matter what.

Whilst it may have been Tanya looking to Sam for answers, it was Tanya who was closer.

Times have changed.

People are wiser.

They’re not just “consumers” or a ping of money into a bank account.

They are people who want contact with other people.

We often hear the debate about working on your business and in your business.

It seems that the dream that has been peddled for coaches is to be in your business as little as possible.

Automate everything. Gift yourself freedom.

Except with a coaching business, YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS.

People want to work with you. They want to access your expertise and advice.

They want a two-way discussion.

Not just a do this and do that and all will be grand type of thing.

Yes, you need to outsource. Yes, you need to automate.

But at the centre of this has to be what your people want.

You still have to continue nurturing your people.

And that takes some work and time.

It’s time for Tanya to put down the cocktail-sipping, sunbed-laying, never-work-a-minute-again dream, and pick up the laptop.

It’s time to get real.

She can still earn 6 figures and beyond but not at lightning speed and not without her presence.

Instead, Tanya needs to be savvy – she needs to think carefully about what she automates and outsources.

And she needs to SERVE her audience. Only then will they pay her.

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